We take up your challenge, listen to you, think with you, and offer optimal innovative solutions. Like a wild racing cheetah, we chase down your problems and take them out with our silver bullets.

Corporate philosophy


As an information technology product distributor, we import high quality products and sell them to corporate customers. Since globally active personnel are in strong demand in the IT industry, we offer a technical English training course for IT network engineers and field engineers. We provide advanced computing consultation services including numerical modeling and simulation of complicated systems.


AGiC Corporation



Corporate profile

Name AGiC Corporation
Address 2-5-3 Shiba, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 333-0866, Japan (MAP)
MAIL info@agicjapan.com
URL www.agiclabo.com (Japanese)
Founded October 2, 2015
President Nobuo Adachi
business outline

Cyber security

Import and sales of IT equipment

Computing consultation services

English training for IT engineers



General information

We construct IP network and import/sell IT equipment to communications construction companies.  As a support of globally active personnel, we also provide technical English training and consulting of computing. 



(1) Internet security


One of the biggest threats in the Internet security is the denial of service (DoS) attack against company’s information systems.  As it is an urgent issue, we provide the most appropriate prevention service for your information infrastructure.



(2) Overseas equipment import/sales


There is a long list of overseas products which have not been introduced to Japan.  We distribute those products.  In the scaling up contact centers, huge amount of voice packets are inbounding from all over Japan.  We provide balancing system for communication recording system which processes such packets.



(3) Consultation service


Our partner companies ally the consultation service depending on your needs. 


Big data analytics

Comprehending the tendency of tremendous amount data increases profit, reduces costs, and brings new vision.  As its analysis requires high level of expertise, our consulting includes hearing the customer’s needs, sorting out requirements, and simulating over computers to solve the issues.


Japanese products promotion to overseas markets

We back up your business deployment of Japanese original products with high performance and high quality; collaborating with our overseas partners, your presentation and technical support will surely be impressive for your foreign customers.  



(4) English training for IT engineers


Our practical English training is to nurture engineers who have communication capability to deal with overseas IT equipment, which will contribute to solve the shortage of bilingual personnel in IT/communications industries.